Subtitle: Ach, mein Arsch!

Pros of today

Cons of today

The route was mostly flat. There was over 1000 feet of climbing.
It was close the Rhine, in the bottom of a beautiful glaciated valley. Glaciated valleys are major wind-tunnels. Just guess which way the wind was blowing.
The sides were mostly terraced, with lots of vines and fruit-trees, adding to the beauty. So there were many ‘Kodak moments’.
There were many castles, perched on breath-taking crags both sides of the river. We got to see these during forced stops to medicate feet and adjust recalcitrant saddles and brakes.
There were train-lines either side of the river, bearing a mixture of German inter-city and regional passenger trains, Swiss passenger trains and even an Austrian passenger train, and many huge goods trains. Oh for a magnapoon!
The restaurant at Lorelei served lovely salad with Bauernbrot. There was nothing negative about this.
This was probably our longest segment of cycling. It’s probably good that we won’t be doing any 100-mile segments.
We’re in an Ibis budget hotel: comfortable but cheap.
  • It’s the mirrror-image of last night’s room: confusing!
  • Both of us have bashed our heads on the bunk-bed above the main-bed.
  • It’s in an industrial estate, 5 miles out of Koblenz Altstadt.
There are cycle-paths almost all the way. There was a 10-mile stretch after St Goar/Loreley consisting of speed- and arse-destroying bricks, gonad-battering decaying tarmac, ankle-breaking gravel and earth-surfaced paths, and sphincter-shattering cobbles.

The pros outweigh the cons, somehow. Tschuss!


Some of these photos are out of order, but it’s a PITA to rearrange them using my phone.

The Mainz hotel-roof is an alpine meadow. Bonus!

today’s high-point: Ingelheim am Rhein

view from Bingen

ancient crane at Bingen

about the ancient crane at Bingen

barge passing Bingen

Lorelei rock from Sankt Goar

view at Boppard

Eiskaffee at St Goar/Loreley


view at Boppard

shop-name in Boppard

The gardens at Schloss Koblenz have an interesting shape.

Marksburg, looking somewhat like Neuschwanstein

fountain in Koblenz



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