Beanz meanz Mainz

A relaxing day: I slept until after 10am! We eventually cycled into Mainz city centre to have lunch at Hans im Glück, then went to the nearby Gutenberg museum.

There’s a lot to this museum, none of which I can show you because photography isn’t allowed. The audio-tour in English is annoyingly twee and superficial: you’re better off just looking at the exhibits and making up your own story.

Today was another wildly hot day: we crashed out of the museum in search of drinks and ice-cream, and got them along with the obligatory wasps.

We then went to the nearby Römischer Theater: both the relic itself and the station, in search of toilets and sandwiches to take back to the hotel. (If you do this, the nearest public toilets are four minutes’ hobble from the station.

We’re now back in the hotel, plotting our next far we have:

  • tomorrow: 65 miles to Koblenz
  • Tuesday: see Koblenz
  • Wednesday: 35 miles to Bonn
  • Thursday: 25 miles to Köln

Watch this space. Tschuss!

random fountain

another random fountain

What does this mean? (side 1)

What does this mean? (side 2)

Römischer Theater with gratuitous extra bicycle

about the Römischer Theater, with gratuitous extra graffiti


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