Rise of the annelida

Because Sarah Connor (this one, not that one) is playing Worms Jazz and Joy!

  •  distance cycled: 41.8 miles (Speyer to Worms)
  • cumulative cycling: 512.0 miles

So we aimed for a short day today. We almost achieved it. Our plan was to head north east from the centre of Speyer to the Rhine, then follow the west bank to Worms. This failed when the road we were on crossed the riverside cycle-path, 20 feet above it. So we ended up crossing the Rhine on a very busy road and keeping going until we could find a way off.

Howerever, this was a bit of luck because we were able to get to one of the islands formed when the Rhine was straightened. It’s currently a nature-reserve, supposedly with wild boar!

We were now heading for a ferry back across the Rhine: we saw a sign to a ferry but not the right one. Cue much being lost in a very industrial area with many speeding trucks. (Lost isn’t quite the right word: I always know where we are, thanks to Giggle Maps, but can’t always easily work out how to get where we want to go next.)

Lunch was at a pub after the ferry-crossing, just northeast of Altrip. Then we pushed on to Friedrichshafen, enjoyed another bridge-goes-over-not-across-our-route moment, and span past BASF’s massive HQ on our way to Worms.

Worms appears to be quite crowded just now, thanks to its jazz festival. It’s friendly, and I’d like to see more, but Mainz and a chance of a laundry are calling! Tschuss!

Technical museum, Speyer

statue in Ketsch

bridge to Ketscher Rheininsel

no farting on this bridge

about Ketscher Donauinsel

the Rhine from Ketscher Donauinsel

about the ferry we used

bike at ferry-pub

view from the ferry-pub

BASF bikes!

Bridge at Frankenthal

after-eight becher in Worms

Worms sewer-cover

Worms’ borstal?


clock in pizzeria



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