Photo of Bruce and Elly’s bikes

All Levved up and Fidel’s to go!

The ever-wonderful Elly has described our trip from home to North Shields so what can I add? Well, I’m amazed I can even think about blogging after 4 hours’ sleep last night, but I’m just so happy to be travelling again with my lovely lady. And of course huge thanks to her and our employers and our various yoga-teachers, spinning instructors, and therapists for all their parts in enabling this trip!

So far the leg has held up: in fact the cycling today might have loosened parts. The Go Vegan maillot has has its baptism of liquid sunshine, so it and I are gently steaming. I’m looking forward to getting through enough medication that I can fit everything in panniers. (The medication currently fills half a pannier! Some essentials are in a small rucksack that fits on the pannier-rack, across the lock and walking-poles.)

Oh, and I think we arrived in Europe about 30 minutes after leaving Edinburgh: on the train I was given a cup of hot water with a teabag on the side. Despite my 50% Austrian genes, tea should be made with boiling water straight into the leaves! Ah well, the doppelespressos and rye-bread diet starts tomorrow, so let’s end this with a joke:

Did you hear about the German metallurgist who fell into his electro-playing vat and got his pumper nickelled?



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