Thursday: singing in the rain

What Elly said. It was a bit wet and windy today, so the return into headwind wasn’t so much fun. Elly’s post has photos of me in Lycra.

I feel a bit of a fraud wearing lycra here. I’m not a 60-year-old on a road-bike. (Many roadies here are much older than me, but they can go!) If I’m overtaken by all and sundry, should I pretend to look like a decent cyclist?

Possible answers include ‘I’m not currently a decent cyclist but I will be. Even now, I do more exercise than the average UK 50-year-old. So I’ll just get on with it, and if someone doesn’t like what I wear, that’s their problem.’

I could also say ‘OK, what can change? Padding is a must, but can I hide it under formal or casual non-cycling clothes? The helmet stays too, as do its high-vis raincover and added lights. The logic of protection from falls and light-thieves is too strong. Warm, rainproof, breathable jackets with external lumbar pockets   are necessary too, but do they need to scream “I’m a cyclist!”, let alone “I’m a cyclist! Stuff you if you’re not.” ?

So there is potential for change, but I suspect it won’t happen for a while? Anyway, I like to bike and Lycra is what I have now. It’ll stay until it’s worn out. When cycling works well (with Elly, travelling for enjoyment are usual preconditions for this), it’s fab, it’s the best. When it’s not so good, it’s preparation for the next good time.


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