Just to record what’s been happening: I seem to be a bit less shattered at the moment.

Saturday 4th: gainfully employed?

I did a lot more than I intended today. After a badly interrupted night I surfaced around 1:30, and set the about clearing out two of the many shelves of computer-related junk behind my desk.

The build-up of years included old graphics cards, external drive enclosures, boxes for long-gone phones, old hard disks, random internal cables, two Zip drives and a bunch of old Zip disks. I no longer have a Mac with a SCSI port, so I couldn’t check what was on the Zips. I’d used them for backups in the past, so I wanted to make them unreadable.

My power drill and workmate beckoned from the depths of the under-stairs cupboard, trapped behind piles of other tools and bike-bits. Some day I will rationalise the tools I have bought and inherited, but not today!

So I dragged the impedimenta, workmates and drill out to our outhouse, which now has a new lease of life: it’s been made waterproof and fitted with lights and electrical sockets. I then spent a pleasant half-hour making noise and smells as I drilled through plastic and metal. Yeehah!

Sunday 5th: CSI rocks

This morning our Prof visited. It was lovely to see her and chat about everything under the sun. (Elly was in Linlithgow, marshalling for the Tour de Forth charity sportive.) This afternoon I’ve mostly been sitting around, moving every now and then to reduce the guts-ache. Until recently, sitting for more than 30 minutes has been very unpleasant but just now it’s tolerable for much longer. I’ve also sorted our joint CD collection, which had ended up all higgledy-piggly during the recent clear-out.


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