Up periscope? Er, no!

I now have a date for a colonoscopy: 15 April. I’m slightly disappointed that I won’t ‘have a telescope shoved up’ (the words of a surgeon last time I was in hospital). Instead, CO2 will be inserted and x-rays will be taken. I guess this technique is to avoid damage due to the ‘telescope’ scraping innards as it goes around corners. Still it means I will have no chance of seeing my insides on CCTV. Also, this is only an investigation – I don’t know when or if it will lead to a cure to my ongoing gut pains. Also, in the 3 days before the colonoscopy, I will need to go on a starvation diet.

Meanwhile I’m using a lot of medication and supplements: paracetamol (pain relief) very often; buscopan (anti-inflammatory pain-relief) occasionally; movicol (softening stools) daily; diclofenac (muscular pain relief) as needed for back-ache and sore knees; glycerol suppositories (aiding evacuation) at least daily; chamois cream (reduces chafing); skin-repair cream (repairing chafing); digestion aid (probiotics); pre- and post-exercise hydration mixes.

My diet is very limited: sometimes I feel too nauseous to eat. When I do eat, it’s fruit, vegetables, tofu, gluten-free pasta, occasionally brown rice. I did eat some vegan sausage rolls on Friday but I’m not sure they didn’t cause more guts-ache. (To be honest, I’ve been unable to trace which foods cause pain.) Other people have warned me off all grains, apples, bread and other things. I don’t know, and I miss the pleasure of eating. Here’s hoping for a cure – soon!


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