Day of dialogue about the referendum

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If you’re sick of the schoolboys knocking verbal lumps out of each other and simplifying to the point of lies*, and of all the other adversarial shite around the independence referendum, then I can heartily recommend a day of independence dialogue centred on respect and reconciliation.

Run by Collaborative Scotland – a brainchild of John Sturrock QC, a tireless worker for mediation and a lawyer combining brains and compassion – this day brings conversations with

  • Douglas Alexander MP, shadow foreign secretary
  • Andrew Wilson, former SNP MSP and journalist
  • Peter Lederer CBE, Chairman of Gleneagles Hotel
  • David Melding AM, Deputy Presiding Officer of the Welsh Assembly
  • Conor Murphy MP and former Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Dan McDonald, businessman and sponsor of N56
  • Alastair McIntosh, ecologist and writer
  • Rev Richard Frazer, minister of Greyfriars Kirk

More details here!

*I had to walk away from the TV this evening. Elly had to suffer through it because it’s ‘work’.


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