Edinburgh to Praha to Česky Krumlov

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2014-03-06 21:10:00 happy

My primary vehicle for this trip will be FaceBollocks (easier photo upload), but for those if you who don’t, here’s an aggregation.


At arseport at stupid o’clock, playing with my twisty worm!Later
Roadworks. So bus is driving on tram tracks in Prague centre

In Prague main station, in an italian-branded cafe, drinking Earl Grey tea and digesting yummy rye bread. The UK needs to stay in Europe (even if in two bits) so it can learn how to do proper bread and the folk over here learn how to do tea. Boiling water onto tea(bag) in teapot or drinking receptacle, not cup of hot water with teabag on saucer. Null points!

Everything else fab. The station has a bookshop selling real books. This more than makes up for the presence of ‘Buggery Queen’.
And I love the Czech for tickets: jizdenky

Time to go and buy a knee support, not that I need one but I bought one here last time so it’s a tradition.

Solar panels growing north of Tabor

On train from Praha to Česke Budéjovice
Argument with O2. A month ago they told me my iPad had international data roaming. It clearly doesn’t just now. Now I’m told iPads can’t do international data roaming. This is clearly bollocks. (O2 should suck this for a start.) It’s possible that my iPad contract with O2 doesn’t allow it. If so, I need to change contract – or provider. Currently using iPhone as personal hotspot and burning through its battery.

Just made train from Česke Budéjovice to Česky Krumlov. Very slow and wiggly, winding seriously uphill


Beer. Yes.


With Eleanor Emberson in cafe Laibon, Parkán 105, 381 01, Česky Krumlov.
Beer, hummus, tea made properly, Elly. What more could a Bruce want?A bit later

Back at Pension Svet. 5 minutes’ walk from historic town centre. Full of
  • hummus with flatbread
  • drači jazyky (dragons’ tongues = marinated soya steak with cranberries, summer salad and rice)
  • bryndzové halyašhy (traditional central European dish with sheep cheese (bryndza). Elly says it’s basically mini-gnocchi in cheese sauce)
  • borka (blueberry dumplings) apparently normally served with cream, yoghurt and caramel but just fine without.


Very pleasantly full and now flaked out!

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