Schönefeld to Bad Belzig

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2013-07-14 20:31:00

So we’re in Bad Belzig, 36 km from where we thought we might get to (Lutherstadt Wittemburg). Here’s the map

As you can see we’ve done over 60 miles. Today’s planned journey to Lutherstadt Wittemburg was supposed to be 64 miles, but the Mauerweg twisted and turned more than could be predicted from Google maps. Also, signposts were less frequent than might be liked, so we probably lost 90 minutes today for stopping and waiting for jPhones to wake up and smell the 3G-coffee.

Surfaces varied from smooth, new tarmac to cobbles to dirt paths to the whole road being dug up: get off and walk! By 6pm we were more bothered with finding a loo and a place to stay than carrying on. Attempting to ask directions to a hotel and then receiving them in German was quite taxing.

But we lucked out, finding an excellent place with a comfy room and a fine restaurant. Now necking salad and Petersiliekartoffeln with a small dunkel Paulaner von Fass. München bier, rather than Brandenburg, but excellent all the same!

So tomorrow on to Lutherstadt Wittemburg, where we pick up the path along the Elbe. Surely no map reading needed from then!

By the way, Elly’s just had a desert called Mohnpielen: bread pudding flavoured with poppy seeds and chocolate. I had a wee taste: excellent! My second dunkel Paulaner is very welcome too.


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