Edinburgh to Berlin Schönefeld

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2013-07-13 22:46:00 bouncy

So we’re in a holiday inn and enjoying it? Apparently so.

This morning started far too early: I’d worked until stupid o’clock on MSc stuff. I woke about 5am after a dream that I was in an English class with James Dean Bradfield. We had to do some work based on words on an electric blackboard. But the words flicked on and off so fast I couldn’t copy them down, despite JDB’s help.

The next thing I knew was a phone call from my dad to wish us happy travels. Then a hurried breakfast, some swearing at my luggage and the taxi was here to take us to Turnhouse.

Checking and the actual flight were fairly painless apart from being made to go and weight the bikes, and a wee but of turbulence during landing.

We had to wait quite a while for the bikes to be delivered. I noticed Lev’s box looked a bit bashed so I was quite concerned. So I got quite agitated waiting for the shuttle bus to the hotel.

Reinstating the bikes took over an hour: next time I want bigger bike boxes so I don’t have to remove so many bits! The only casualty seems to be the bottom of Lev’s front mudguard: an insignificant piece of chromoplastic had broken off. Fidel survived just fine!

Vegan choices here aren’t great: tagliatelle with rocket salad, baby tomatoes and chanterelles  – or nothing. The house beer seems to be a Sächsische Pilsner (Radelberger). Ok, but nothing special and not from Berlin or even Brandenberg

But what has me amused beyond belief is the trippy techno/industrial mix playing on the restaurant terrace. Very danceable!

So we have over 60 miles to do tomorrow, fairly laden. Why are clothes so heavy? Time for bed!


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