Deleting my chickens! Update

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2013-05-29 14:10:00 bah! Now Show

Following on from this

I emailed the lecturer as follows:

Dear <lecturer>
I’ve just picked up my feedback form. I’m delighted with most of the marks, but I’m a little concerned to read in the ‘server side’ mark CRU. There is a script for deleting but can’t see a link for it anywhere.

I made a design decision that only administrators can delete accounts. To see the delete function in action – and to see the error-trapping and feedback associated with this process – please

  • either log in as an administrator at website/adminLogin.php (email, password password)
  • or register yourself as a new administrator at website/adminRegister.php

This design decision was covered in my report (section 1.2.10 Admin facility, pp4-5). Information on how to register and log in as an administrator was included in the ReadMe submitted with the main work.

I’ve attached my original submission to this email. You will be able to see from the modification date (Thursday, 25 April 2013 13:14) that it has not been changed.

I hope this will show that the delete script was invokable from an appropriate part of the website, and that this topic was suitably documented, and I look forward to your reply.

best regards


The lecturer’s reply was, in full,


It wont make any difference to your overall grade which is a band 5 marks wide.

<lecturer’s initials>

I give up.


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