Deleting my chickens!

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2013-05-28 15:01:00 fucked off in extremis grinding my teeth

I’m dramatically pissed off. I’ve just picked up my mark sheet for the web design and development coursework mentioned here and here.

Here’s what the form says. (Italic small font represents handwriting)

HTML/CSS Well designed and implemented. Consistent look and feel across site 25/30
Client side
form validation
No numeric check on phone number
Server side
CRU. There is a script for deleting but can’t see a link to it anywhere. 15/20
HTML Page Validation HTML 5
Some errors on language page
Report Well written and presented 10/10
Total 84/100

The underlined bit is the source of my anger. There is indeed a link to to the delete script, from the administrators’ section of the website. This was made clear in my report (see the second paragraph on page 5), and the way to access the administrator’s section was made clear given in the ReadMe accompanying my submission.

I’m not upset by the actual mark – my website could have been much better – but I’m enraged by marking that is factually incorrect.

By the way, the grade boundaries mentioned here have not been used. In that scheme, 84% would be a D2, not a D3.


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