Counting my chickens?

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2013-05-27 15:07:00 I wish it was all over California uber alles – Dead Kennedys

A couple of days ago I received the following email from the Web design and development lecturer:

Dear Student

Your overall mark for the module is D3 – well done.

You can pick up your feedback sheet from the school office.

Leaving aside my annoyance at the lecturer’s inability or refusal to email comments (compare and contrast with other lecturers), I think this means I’ve passed this module.

So with a few caveats

  • final marks have not yet been moderated
  • I’m not sure these grade-boundaries are set in stone
  • where I only know a grade, I assume the actual mark is in the middle of the range
  • I’m not sure these are the current rules

the marks from the taught part of my course are on the distinction track. Here’s my current infographic and here’s more detail on the marks so far. The management of software projects mark is pretty vulnerable to the above caveats: it’s quite possible I’ll end up with a P5 for this  module.

The dissertation, where I need to be my own boss, WILL be the scene of a severe train-wreck.


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