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2013-04-07 17:43:00

Less than a week until Tour o’ the Borders! Are you as excited as I am at the prospect of cycling 50 miles through pretty hills? Why not?

Anyway, we did a couple of laps of Arthur’s Seat, combined with a wee shopping trip this morning. We’ve not found time to check out the route but I’m fairly confident of finishing in about 5 hours’ cycling time. (We start at 9:30 and must finish by 4pm, so we have 6·5 hours and so must average 7·7mph.)

As I’ve probably moaned about already, the second USB-WERK is on its way back to the vendor so currently I have no way of taking power from Lev’s hub-dynamo to jPhone. I have a couple of options:

  • yesterday I ordered an alternative product called LightCharge
  • if all else fails, I now have a stem-bag which just has room for the external USB battery.
border=0 border=0 border=0
jPhone strapped to LifeProof handlebar-
mount to allow charge door to open
jPhone properly in Lifeproof
charging external battery

Oh, and I now have cellphone-tipped liner gloves so I don’t need to freeze while operating jPhone en route. These fit just nicely under my Sealskinz winter gloves. Come the summer (and it can’t come soon enough!), I think they’ll work well with my gel cycling mitts.

Come to think of it, I have more pairs of gloves than footwear:

  1. neoprene sailing gloves (blue, no brand)
  2. fleece gloves (blue, Thinsulate), attached to fleece top
  3. fleece gloves (black, Craghoppers)
  4. gel cycling mitts (red & black, Specialised)
  5. mountain-biking outer gloves (black, grey, brown, SixSixOne)
  6. winter cycling gloves (black, Sealskinz)
  7. supposedly warm (but in practice not) microwaveable gloves (red, black & grey, Alago)
  8. liner gloves, which once had cellphone tips (black, no brand)
  9. liner gloves (black, Gore)
  10. liner gloves with cellphone tips (black, North Face)



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