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2013-02-02 00:36:00 sleepy

For a long time now, I’ve been using my Pismo1 as a web server. It’s now running out of space. Should I:

  1. delete the 9·2·2 partition and use that space to increase the 10·4·11 partition (cost £0)
  2. replace the 30GB SSD with a larger SSD or HD (cost £3 for new enclosure)2
  3. use my netbook3 instead of Pismo. (cost £0)
  4. refurbish my 17″ MacBook Pro4and use it instead of Pismo. Total cost £2005, but with the advantage that I could run QuarkXpress 7 (useful for freelance work) on a mac that isn’t teeth-grindingly slow or noisy
  5. something else?

If I go for 3, 4 or 5, what should I do with Pismo? I’m very emotionally attached to her. I’m also very attracted to option 4 – I want SURGE back in my life. But I’m too tired to make a rational decision about £200 just now.


  1. 400MHz, 1GB RAM, 30 GB SSD (as 2GB for MacOS 9·2·2, 28GB for MacOS 10·4·11)
  2. I have a 60GB PATA SSD, currently in a USB enclosure and containing installers for SnowLeopard, Lion and MountainLion. I also have a currently naked 60GB SATA HD, for which I’ve just ordered a USB enclosure. So I could CCC the installers from the PATA to the SATA, then put the PATA into Pismo.
  3. Dell Mini 10v, 1·6GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HD, MacOS 10·6·7
  4. 2·5 or 2·6GHz (depending on which motherboard I buy), 4GB RAM, 250GB HD, MacOS 10·5·8 (if I use it for QuarkXpress7) or 10·8·whatever (if it becomes just a web server)
  5. SURGE’s motherboard died about a month out of warranty. At the time, a replacement would have cost over £600, which I couldn’t afford. I can now obtain a refurbished motherboard for £200, which I can now afford, but it would have only 60 days’ warranty. SURGE would live on my hardware altar, so there should be no strain on his graphics chips.

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