Electric soup, part 3

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2013-03-01 00:52:00 contemplative

I did my first ‘distance’ cycle of the year tonight. (Inverted commas because 20 miles with 2 stops is fairly pathetic compared to my intentions for this year.)

Apart from getting onto tarmac that’s relatively free of potholes, I also aimed to charge the USB-WERK’s battery so it could continuously charge my iPhone. I cycled from Haymarket to Broxburn, stopped to watch a plane coming overhead and then cycled back as far as the Mariott hotel: total distance 16 miles in 64 minutes riding (just under 15 mph).

I then connected my iPhone to the USB-WERK and cycled home. The phone didn’t start charging while I was stationary but did start charging when I started moving. As before, when I stopped moving the phone stopped charging. So I’m still concerned the USB-WERK isn’t behaving properly – or at least not behaving how I think it should.

I’d have liked to cycle for about 4 hours, starting with the iPhone’s battery about half-full. So long as the battery charge didn’t fall, I’d be reasonably content – I would have a means of keeping my iPhone charged enough. However, I won’t get a chance to do this until next week. Watch out for part 4!


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