mud on your doorstep!

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2013-01-23 12:56:00 cheerful TiBook’s high-pitched fans

I was at a social media surgery on Monday evening, and met the driving force behind The VAT Run, a mountain bike trail that’s being created in South Queensferry. I understand some of the trail is ready to roll, but that much more is planned. I’m told it’s called The VAT Run because it’s partly on the site where VAT69 was produced.

It all depends upon a team of volunteers – so if you want to invest in some muddy fun futures, get yourself along to the trail’s Facebook page and find out how you can help.

Personally, I’m quite excited. I’ve only mountain-biked once, at Glentress (near Peebles). That’s an hour away by car – no use to me. (There isn’t even a train service to Peebles.) But South Queensferry is well within cycling distance – so I’m definitely going to try it. Who’s with me?


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