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2012-12-22 20:53:00 One of those days in England (parts 2-10) – Roy Harper

(Because today felt something like a resurgence, because I’m going to England tomorrow and because the lyrics to this post’s music deserve to be read, here they are.)

Today was our last spin session before heading to Worcester. I’d slept slightly better last night and had an achievable amount of must-do tasks today. We’d decided to spin today to take the final opportunity before 5 days of enforced eating and sprout-induced flatulence with very little cycling to take the edge off. (We’ll be staying at my brother’s house, about 5 miles from our parents. The journey involves a quite serious hill.)

The session itself was, as far as I could tell, a repeat of Wednesday’s session but oh, what a difference! Instead of hating it and stopping to swear at my recalcitrant legs, I could keep going – even retaining some reserve for the final push. The jumps and climbs seemed to work, while my bike’s resistance control attenuated well: a quarter-turn increased the resistance by the right amount to move from sitting to running rather than stopping me dead. There were some old spin favourites (such as Underworld’s Always loved a film and Born slippy [of Trainspotting fame]), a snippet of Stairway to heaven* and other staples I can’t yet identify. The rock section (I think the first track is AC:DC’s Thunderstruck) towards the end had me up on the pedals, almost running, and the end section was something to aspire to, rather than Wednesday’s unachievable torture. My knees, thighs and buttocks hardly complained too, while my shoulders didn’t even grumble when running. It wasn’t a classic exercise high, more a coming back up from the depths, but it was noticeable that both Elly and I could joke and laugh on the way home.
*Thank goodness not a cover-version!

So the glitch may be over and I’m looking forward to Hogmanay’s two-hour session.

Oh and Andy, what is the ‘concorde’ music?


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