Dreaming on Lauriston Street!

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2012-08-18 14:00:00 Althea and Donna

(Do not adjust your head if you look at the post-date! This post is back-dated to the date and time the events occured.)

How can those who are less articulate be heard? Aren’t their desires as worthy of consideration as anyone else’s? These are two questions that were raised by the story of the dreamcatchers, a piece of theatre starring ‘differently abled’ people last Sunday.

To me (but I have to admit I’m not a regular theatre-goer), it was quite unconventional – no plot, the performers took their bows before the action started and the audience were encouraged, in fact exhorted to join in and show they appreciated the dreams being presented.

After the bows, mystery in the form of music and video took us on a journey to a place where someone slept and dreamed. Then this dream came true – Elvis was back with us, singing and entertaining as if he’d never left us. Other dreams came and went, presented in dance and flashing lights while performers and audience ‘swam’ together. The message that we should never give up our dreams was made more potent when we learned that one of the performers’ dreams – of independent living – had recently come true.

Even more appealing to me was where audience and performers came together in anarchic fun – there was no difference – all bounding together on the energy emanating from indoor sun (and the producers).

So it may not have been everyone’s cup of tea – but it was fun for all who took part or came to see.


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