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2012-08-06 23:38:00 accomplished FriComedy: The Now Show 15 Jun 12 – BBC Radio 4

Just finished the grunt-work for my summer research-project! Preliminary results:

Number of CC areas in LA schemes 1372
Number of active CCs 1017
Number of active CCs that have ever had any form of online presence 650
Number of active CCs that have up-to-date online presence 316
Update-frequency for CCs that have up-to-date online presences
  • daily or weekly: 14
  • monthly 285
  • less than monthly: 17
Content (for any CCs that have ever had online presences)
  • local area: 422
  • news: 345
  • minutes: 500
  • planning: 55
Hosts/types (for any CCs that have ever had online presences)
  • Blogs: 66
  • Template & free(?) site providers: 75
  • Local Authority website: 145
  • local community site: 167
  • ‘own’ (websites created by/for CC): 199
Social media
  • Facebook: 45
  • Twitter: 6
  • Linkedin: 1

There are varying amounts of salt to be taken with the above:

  1. I’m waiting for 22 (out of 32) Local Authorities to confirm numbers of CCs in their schemes and the numbers of these that really are active.
  2. I’ve not searched for Facebook and Twitter accounts, just noted data that came up in googling for CCs or appeared on CC websites.

Now to try to find out

  • why those active CCs that ‘do’ online do it in the ways they’ve chosen
  • why those CCs that don’t ‘do’ online don’t!

Why over a quarter of CCs may not exist in the first place is someone else’s problem. I am surprised that so few CCs mention planning – their sole statutory ‘duty’. I hope this isn’t a reflection of what they actually do!


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