another day in the 73-ring circus

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2012-06-14 02:08:00

A less mad day

  • Nicky Wire had to intone brain-dead mutherfuckers for at least 2 minutes for me to surface.
  • Did sister’s tax credits claim.
  • Did sister’s tax refund online.
  • Introduced parents to Lev Davidovitch.
  • Met sister in town for lunch prior to meeting with bank.
  • At bank, didn’t have enough time to cover all points and issues – will need to return tomorrow.
  • Went to polish shop to buy rye bread.
  • Went to bike shop to get replacement handlebar end-stop and talk about front panniers. Turns out I was being served by the person who hadn’t been issued with a braincell today. However, my braincell was also malfunctioning – it took me until then to notice that someone had helped themselves to Lev’s rear skullies. I bought what I thought was a pair of rear frogs only to discover one of them was a front light. I’d already undone the wrapping, so there was no chance of giving it back. So now Lev has 4 front lights and one rear light.
  • Back home, sister signed tax credits claim and approved tax-return so it was submitted online. Scanned and filed claim and other stuff from bank.
  • Slowly cooked mixed-lentil dahl from a recipe in mum’s ‘indian recipes for diabetics’ book. (It turns out to be very bland.)
  • Phoned lady – she’s had a difficult day.
  • Can’t sleep – it’s gone 2 and I need to start doing things at 9 tomorrow



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