Got that syncing feeling

When Mood Music
2012-06-11 22:47:00

I’ve stumbled across an iDevice trap for the novice. I’d set both phone and pad to automatically sync music, apps and books with each other, so that if I installed or obtained something one one device, it would automagically appear on the other. I then dumped Numbers (Apple’s spreadsheet app) and Pages (Apple’s word processing app) from the phone because experience with QuickOffice suggests that office-type apps need more screen than the phone offers. It’s disappeared from the pad too. If I want it back, I’ll have to pay for it again (or wait until I can put pad and Iggy back in contact). No chance!

QuickOffice is on the pad but it’s the phone version, working in a phone-sized window in the middle of the screen. I don’t want to pay £13 for the pad version so I’m currently iOfficeless. Bah!


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