Annoyed by bullshit

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2012-05-23 19:08:00 nearly incandescent Ceasefire – Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

‘If we are to accept that people choose to live in different places for reasons linked to the places themselves…’
Nearly complete bullshit if you read this to mean we all have perfectly free choices. We don’t!


Most folk live

  • in the holes in which they were spawned because they can’t afford to move away or feel family ties (i.e. not the place but people: subtle but important difference)
  • the best they can afford to crawl to
  • where the work they can do is – or within commuting distance thereof.

I live in a Victorian stone-built basement flat not because I like it but because it’s what my partner chose and I want to be with her (family) and because I can’t afford to be elsewhere. (Edit This doesn’t mean I don’t like the flat [I do, when it’s not playing up] or that I’d choose to be away from her, just that my options are very limited and if we broke up, I’d be back in the gutter.)

This is similar to people crapping on about culture, another bollocks term. People do what they do either because they don’t know any better or are comfortable with old habits, because that is what the physical or human geography demands they do to survive or because it’s what the powers that be permit/brainwash them into doing.



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