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2012-04-20 16:58:00 boggled Shuttin’ The Ole Dirt Down – Rev Hammer

Even though 1 + 1 ≠ 2, the following test passes. (swampSize is set elsewhere to be 4)

public void testDrawSwampMap() {
//Set up
Swamp s1 = new Swamp(swampSize);
String actualMap;
String expectedMap;

//Get value. The swampMap will vary every time the Swamp is created because
//an Ogre is added IN A RANDOM PLACE each time a Swamp is created.
//So remove the ogre, then draw the map.
s1.removeCreature(s1.ogreXcoord(), s1.ogreYcoord(), “OGRE”);
actualMap = s1.drawSwampMap();

expectedMap =
“(0,0): t(1,0): t(2,0): t(3,0): tnn” +
“(0,1): t(1,1): t(2,1): t(3,1): tnn” +
“(0,2): t(1,2): t(2,2): t(3,2): tnn” +
“(0,3): t(1,3): t(2,3): t(3,3): tnn”;

assertEquals(expectedMap, actualMap);

So “=” ≠ “equals”!


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