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2012-04-17 22:25:00 frustrated The Robots – Kraftwerk

This morning I traced the ‘not working when recalled from saved state’ to the code that that calculates where the ogre is. (This is used to decide whether there should be a battle by counting the number of enemies at the ogre’s location. If there are none, no battle ensues. If there is only 1 enemy, there is a battle which the ogre wins and the enemy is removed. If there is more than 1 enemy, the enemies win, the ogre is removed and the game ends.)

During a brand-new game, the ogre-location method works fine. In a recalled-from-disk game, it doesn’t. The code in question (and rather questionable code) is in two pieces, one for the x-coordinate and one for the y-coordinate. Here’s the x-coordinate code:

public int ogreXcoord() {
    //Declare variable – it needs to be initialised, so use a silly number
    int ogreXCoordinate = 2000;

    for (Creature tempCreature : creaturesInSwamp) {
        if (tempCreature.getType() == OGRE ) {
ogreXCoordinate = tempCreature.getxCoord();
} //end if
} //end for-each

    return ogreXCoordinate;
} //end ogreXcoord

The green bits are just comments to help humans read the code. The pink bits are reserved words, i.e words that have special meanings to Java and the blue bit is an example of an instance variable, i.e. a variable that occurs in every instance of the Swamp class.

The code translates as.
This method, named ‘ogreXcoord’ may be called from outside the Swamp class. It will return an integer.
Create an integer variable (which only exists within this method) called ‘ogreXCoordinate’ and sets its value to 2000.
One-by-one, put each Creature in this Swamp’s list of Creatures into a variable called tempCreature.
Then, for each version of tempCreature, if it is an ogre, then set
‘ogreXCoordinate’ to the value of the tempCreature’s x-coordinate.
When you have run through all the creatures and thus definitely have the required xCoordinate, pass this back to the code that called this method.

Why so complex? Only the ogre knows where it is. Each time it moves, it calculates new coordinates for itself and moves to these coordinates. (All Creatures do this, and don’t tell anyone where they are until asked.) So the program doesn’t know where the ogre is until it can ask him. And it can’t ask him where he is until it has found him – and it can only find him by looking through all the creatures in the Swamp and asking them in turn ‘Are you an ogre?’ (I guess this could be shortened by stopping asking once the ogre has been found. And he’s likely to be the first creature in the ‘CreaturesInSwamp’ list because he’s the first creature to be created once the swamp has been created. However, I don’t know that this is guaranteed.)

Anyway, I can show this works when the game is working – the ogreXCoordinate is always right. But in a recalled-from-disk game, this fails – the ogreXCoordinate is always returned as 2000. So the for-each loop is either not working or being ignored.



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