Well done, thou good and faithful servant

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2012-03-31 11:09:00 contemplative In Dulce Decorum – The Damned

This could be subtitled A boy and his bike.

Pedantry at large
However, the boy in question is a pedant and so prefers

A boy and his bike, with

  • Canondale handlebar box
  • iPhone 3GS on handlebar mount
  • 3 front and 2 rear Skully lights
  • Altura NightVision jacket over Camelbak water carrier and containing iPhone 4
  • Aerotech Designs wild tights over cycling shorts from the same manufacturer
  • Berghaus canvas gaiters
  • Sealskin waterproof socks
  • Specialized cycling shoes
  • Vaude panniers containing
    • bike bits:
      • spare inner tube
      • tyre levers
      • multitool
      • 2 adjustable spanners
      • chain oil
      • baby wipes
      • vinyl gloves
    • clothing
      • jumper
      • goretex overtrousers
      • spare socks
      • all-terrain, all-purpose footware (i.e. sandals)
    • little necessities
      • energy bar
      • tissues
      • relevant cycle maps
    • the odds and sods he carries around no matter what
      • iPhone charger
      • camera and USB cable
      • ethernet cable
      • comb
      • toothbrush
      • toothpaste
      • Petzl headlamp
      • ibuprofens
      • travel-mouse

These are probably the last photos of Vilior ‘in action’ so the pedantry is an attempt to hide sadness at putting him away and transferring his lights, iPhone carrier and other impedimenta to Lev Davidovitch.


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