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2012-03-06 11:02:00 contemplative Bárány Attila – Various Artists

Yesterday was enjoyable – here’s why.

I didn’t have to spend the day writing up lecture notes because the morning’s lecture was snippets of video about the effects of the web on the news and music industries.

So I spent the rest of the day installing a new SSD (fast, silent, non-mechanical storage) in my main mac, who is called Iggy because he’s full of raw power. Iggy now has 4 lumps of storage:

Name SSD or traditional HD Capacity Use
James Dean Bradfield
512 GB
Boot device, containing OS, apps and data. Very fast!
Sean Moore
640 GB
Nightly CarbonCopyCloner copy of JDB. If JDB ever goes down, SM
is ready to take over instantly.
Richie James
250 GB
Hard disk images for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux virtual machines, using VirtualBox
Nicky Wire
1000 GB
Partitioned into 2 lumps:

The device names are because they all go faster!

In the evening, I went to spinning. The instructor played a quite mixed set, including Comfortably Numb and The Chain. We were at quite high friction and cadence during the verses and then were taken into a sprint against friction during Lindsey Buckingham’s blistering guitar solo. (Mick Fleetwood’s face during this solo is priceless!) I had to stop halfway through that solo/sprint – I’ll never be a sprinter. And all this was to a film of Eddy Merckx coming back from nowhere to win ‘L’enfer du Nord’. Intense! And some spinners stay on for another hour of this masochism.

Still the spinning is doing me good, not least this and tonight I wasn’t absolutely shattered by the end of the class – I could almost accelerate up Leith Walk. So I obviously wasn’t pushing hard enough in the class! But it’s fab – and I’m conscious and not in some pain from my frozen shoulder is when I’m actively cycling.

Then a meal at Wannaburger with my hostess and texts and cards from friends and family. I’m a contented and lucky bugger.


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