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2012-01-24 23:25:00 optimistic Marketing & Advertising – Bill Hicks

The results of last term’s modules were released today – a day into the first teaching week of this term. They are graphed here.

The grade bands are defined in % as follows:

Distinction Pass Fail
D5 (95-100) P5 (70-74) F1 (40-49)
D4 (90-94) P4 (65-69) F2 (30-39)
D3 (85-89) P3 (60-64) F3 (20-29)
D2 (80-84) P2 (55-59) F4 (10-19)
D1 (75-79) P1 (50-54) F5 (0-9)

In Computer Systems (half-module) and Software Development 1 (full module) I scored D4, while in Database Systems (half module) I scored D3. The maximum possible marks for these scores are shown on the graph in mid-grey while the minimum marks are shown in dark grey. However, since you either pass or fail a module, I have 40 of the 180 credits needed to gain my MSc. I’m fairly pleased.

I’m now tackling the fun and games of object-oriented programming and delving into things such as this (ugh!)


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