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2011-08-09 22:06:00 grumpy Born Slippy – Underworld

Bah – I thought I’d try to get ahead of my forthcoming studies by starting an online course in Java. The course uses the NetBeans IDE and the only mac versions available are for intel-based macs. My main mac is an 2·0GHz XServe G5 – from well before the transition to Intel.

I’ve found Eclipse and MochaCode and might try these. Also, I’m sure Leopard Client came with an installer for XCode, Apple’s own IDE. But to avoid me getting totally confused, can anyone recommend an online course for these? (Yes, I know this seems lazy – but I’m posting while waiting for onions to caramelise – and will look properly later.)

Other options seems to be

  • trying the Netbeans installation and course on Hexie, who has an 1·6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1024 * 600 pixel screen and doesn’t talk to external monitors
  • waiting for the course to start and seeing what facilities I get at Napier
  • bending the plastic for a new-ish Mac Pro. (This would be my preferred/fantasy option, especially if I can get one from just before Lion came out so I can have multiple boot disks:
    • Sludge Leopard – because Lion is still at ‘point-nought’
    • Lion – because that’s where MacOS is at09
    • linux
    • Windows.

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