meming the world away, yet again

When Mood Music
2007-04-26 01:01:00 mains hum

With thanks to for turning me on to this…

78% – Free Online Dating

Don’t believe the hype!

Back to what vaguely passes for real life:

  • I have only two more days left at the bank. I’ve been training my replacements the last two weeks. One will do well. Not sure about the other. I’ll miss my colleagues there: all (apart from one who seems always too busy slagging off everyone else, resting her hands on the desk instead of on the keyboard and complaining she has too much to do to actually do much work) have been pleasant and fun to work with.
  • My brother’s going on another tour in Iraq ‘as part of the advance party on Saturday’. He’s been twice before, and was in Gulf War 1. Random swearing is almost certain to ensue.

Other than that, all is rosy.


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