Some good things…

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2007-02-18 17:51:00

Reasons to grunt

  • I had financial concerns caused by a government policy of making all landlords register with the council(s) in whose territory their property(ies) are to be checked whether they are ‘fit and proper’ to be landlords and the cost of a gas safety check being taken out of this month’s rental income, I was very relieved to receive a cheque from Fife Council refunding £200 council tax.
  • I have no idea why and don’t want to ask too much in case they decide I wasn’t due this refund anyway! I’m also sure that only landlords who are doing whatever makes them fit and proper will register on the supposedly compulsorary scheme and that unfit ones will find all sorts of ways to avoid being noticed or registered so I rather resent this cost. I especially resent the fact that it’s non-refundable if the council(s) decide I’m not fit and proper.
  • I think my camera might be on its way out. Still it did sterling service around India and Indonesia so I think I’ve had my £30 worth from it.

Reasons to smile

  • Anyway, the financial concern is over.
  • I’ve heard from an old friend for the fist time in ages and we’ll meet up soon.
  • The work I’m doing trying to sort out my sister’s finances seems to be having results at last. We have a lot to do at a meeting with her main bank two weeks hence.
  • I have a commission for a B&B website, a possibility of more web-work (and so a need to update my skills fast!) and the likelihood of other freelance publishing work this year. Not a huge amount of money involved here but I don’t want to be a bank-temp for the rest of my life so I need to keep my skills lubricated and updated.
  • And finally, I’ve just had an enjoyable day walking up Arthur’s Seat and around Holyrood Park.

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