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2006-08-08 10:55:00

First, a huge thank-you to all who have texted, commented, spoken, telepathed or otherwise communicated good wishes.

I’m out of hospital but have a few meds to take and a schedule that to take them on. Also, my main complaint (too yucky to blog about unless you really want to know!) is gone, gone, gone. Hoorah!!!!!!

Stramash starts here
So, you know I was trying to get to Pekanbaru in Sumatra (instead of Medan – aarrgghh). OK, so there are today no direct flights from Singapore to Pekanbaru and the Jakarta-to-Pekanbaru flights are all full today. So rather than risk being stuck in Jakarta, I’m risking getting stuck in Batam.

Batam is an Indonesian island 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore. From there I can get a flight to Pekanbaru (with Merparti [risk of an aarrgghh there too]). So I’m in Singapore’s ultra-modern ferry terminal. What a change from India! Roads are smooth as a baby’s bum, systems are organised and ferry staff are informative. Plus this cybercafe sells food. So, gonna sign off with the following: this is the flight I should be taking:

Depart Batam 1540, Arrive Pekanbaru 1630: Flight MZ 225.

Failing this, I’ll come back to Singapore and take a direct flight tomorrow. I hope I don’t have to do this because folk have arranged to meet me in Pekanbaru today. Yibble! Will let you all know, probably via getting my dad to put up an entry, when I do. (And to make it even more fun, he’ll be in Germany so I’ll have to text him, then the Rheinheitsgebot will insist that he has to write the entry in in svitzer-dootch.) Gotta love it!


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