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2006-07-02 16:26:00

OK, to make things clear for all: until I return to the UK, I will not send *any* emails with attachments without either a blog entry*, phonecall or a previous email saying I’m about to do so. Unless the attachment is absolutely urgent, I will obtain consent before sending it (via LJ for those who I know regularly read this blog, via email in most other cases and via phone if all else fails.)
*if I use this method, I’ll await the intended recipients’ permission before actually sending the attachment.

So unless I have already warned you that I’m emailing an attachment, please immediately delete any email that both has an attachment and appears to be from me.

BTW, it’s possible that I’ll not email anything for the foreseeable future. Electricity in the main part of Nedumkandam is very intermittent (and non-existent yesterday) due to road-works and attendant replacement of cable-supports. This cybercafe’s UPS is almost empty (in fact it emptied 30 minutes ago but the current’s been back for 10 minutes – then died again).

Further, since this place uses dial-up and windows 98, attaching photos is a pain I’ll avoid wherever possible. Even with ISDN, it’s tedious and costly.


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