What I did on my holidays…

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2006-04-14 20:02:00

Last niht, I ate at a beach-cafe and met a group from London. We met up by chance again today and swam, then lounged on the beach for a bit, before heading to a much less crowded beach-let to do more of the same.

I’m slightly sunburnt on my houlders and my right hip but it’s been fab to sit and read:

  • a detective novel (got bored wiht it halfway through – may return to it)
  • Ian Banks’ Consider Philebas (I read it about 10 years ago and it’s worth a revisit now.)
  • A brief history of time (at last!)
  • Dorris Lessing’s The Good Terrorist.

Shuld be a party tonight (last full moon of the season) so I’m going to sleep for a couple of hours, get my glad-rags on and inflict myself on it.

I’m heading back to Margao tomorrow morning to meet up with Suriya and buy our train tickets to Tamil Nadu for Raj’s wedding. Thereafter, I’ll probably come back here for a few days.


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