Made it!

When Mood Music
2006-04-11 19:20:00 slow trance with a heavy beat from across the road

Arrived at the first of my must-do destinations: Palolem Beach. I arrived around 6pm, to late to do much other than find some munchies and a place to stay (got a room for 250 a night for a room with an en suite set and a double bed.

The friendly cybercafe owner who suggested the place I’m at suggested I then look for someone to take up the rest of the space therein but wasn’t offering to undertake this arduous task herself (not that I was **really** asking). So I intoduced her to my porcine travelling companion/bed-mate and a few giggles were shared.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and I’m the doctor, here to dispense it.

Adios amigos


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