When Mood Music
2006-04-10 23:17:00

Been a strange couple of days. I’ll probably blog in full about it later but just to let you know that I finally got to DudhSagar waterfalls today after staying last night in Mol(l)em, a truck-stop village on the main highway heading east out of central Goa into Karnataka and beyond.

After a few drinks with a bloke from Norway and his mate from Mission Vieho in Orange County (but who has Irish ancestry and works in an Irish pub in Oslo), then hardly sleeping due to being bitten all night, then being prevented by the ‘comptroller of jeeps’ from going to the falls with the driver I’d promised to go with, the falls were wonderfull, as was swimming in the pool/lake (30 metres by about 100 metres) at the foot. One of the weirdest feelings was letting the water fall hard (from 310 metres) on my head, face and tum as I fried to float there.

Then a visit to a spice-farm (bit touristy but hell, I AM a tourist, finally getting back to Colva about 6pm. Suriya’s found me a much cheaper and just-as-nice room but the owner has not impressed me at all. He seems a bitter old man and I do not like people who create broken glass where thier pets, collegues and guests might walk on it, even less so when they tell me not to sweep it up.

So tomorrow I’m moving on to Palolem, come what may. See you later, space-cats!


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