Employment news

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2006-04-01 18:38:00

My dad has emailed the following:

Today, Sue received her payslip with back pay to 5th March. ACAS phoned this morning aand said that Morisons had refused to pay her for the period 5th March to 29th March, her restart date. Rather than let the thing drag on, Sue has agreed to accept the settlement. I have written to ACAS, telling them that Morrisons were mean over what, to them, must have been a piffling amount. I suppose it was one of the [people] in their HR Dept, trying to make a name for himself. However, she is back, is happy, the people whom she knows have greeted her like a long-lost relative, so all is now well. There is still the tidying-up to do, like Tribunal to unwind (ACAS is handling this) but basically it’s over!


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