When Mood Music
2006-03-22 20:00:00

I woke up from my afternoon siesta (I’m still not sleeping much at nights because of next-door’s fan) with the realisation that I should say the following publically:

  1. It was probably wrong of me to leave no response time (especially due to the time difference between here and the UK) between my private email to a certain commenter and my ‘this ends now’ comment. For this, and for using capitals, (i.e. ‘shouting’) I apologise.
  2. I was probably talking out of my depth when I made my ‘selling’ comment about art yesterday. While I did include the caveat about the numbers of artists I’ve spoken with, I realise that maybe I didn’t caveat enough. My comment probably only applies to artists living in ‘western’, capitalist societies and probably don’t apply to ritual (e.g. hunting) and sacred art, especially when done ‘solo’.

    However, I do imagine that such artists, when working on the behalf of their communities, will usually receive some form of recompense, payment or reward for the, especially if the art ‘achieves its objective’ (i.e. is seen to lead to a successful hunt, optimal glorification of a deity, etc). I would be grateful for any statistical or anecdotal evidence about this.

I probably have the ethnomedicine book I was reading this morning to thank for these realisations.

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