Morrisons mayhem

When Mood Music
2006-03-16 14:45:00

Susan’s received a letter from Morrisons. Inter alia, they

  • acknowledge that there were serious errors in the way the original issue was handled
  • to achieve Susan’s request for ‘justice’ as the outcome of the grievance proceedure, offer reinstatement to her former position from Monday 6 March 2006, including full back pay between the period of the alleged resignation to the reinstatement (subject to the usual tax and NI contributions).
  • Once Susan has accepted the offer, she will then need to contact the Personnel Manager at the store where she’s employed at the earliest possible opportunity with regard to her re-commencement there.

Susan’s contacted the branch where she worked to find out when she should restart work, only to learn they’re still waiting for their head office to arrange the start date.

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