cleaning up part 12

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2006-01-25 18:32:00 amused Familiar Love-William Shatner-Has Been

Spent yesterday morning dissembling the Pismo, putting the old 30GB hard disk back in, erasing it completely, installing OSX on it and seeing if the known good 80GB hard disk will work in my firewire enclosure. The 30Gb works fine inside the Pismo (and works when in my USB enclosure or when in my firewire enclusre but attached any mac apart from my Pismo). The 80GB hard disk doesn’t mount when in the firewire enclosure yet it’s been behaving perfectly as the Pismo’s internal hard disk. So there is something about the firewire enclosure that just doesn’t like my Pismo!

Reassembled the Pismo and went to collect my prescription for anti-malarials. I’d forgotten my chequebook so came away empty-handed. Thence to rental agent to complete some paperwork and confirm to her that I was happy with wither set of potential tenants.

Then to fairtrade leaderine’s to try to diagnose the problem with her wireless network. She has an 12″ iBook G3 with a ‘brand-new’* airport card just like mine and my Pismo does detect the wireless network emanating from her router straight away. So I put my airport card in her iBook and instantly it went online. I put her airport card in my Pismo and couldn’t pick up her network anyhow. Restoring our respective cards to our own machines restored the original (dis)functionality. So at least we know it’s her card that’s stuffed and that it can go back to the dealer who sold it to her.

Back to the doctor to collect my prescription, then to other friends to while away the evening in a fun manner. I was treated to William Shatner’s latest oevre, Has Been. You should also check out Amazon’s reviews.

Today, I’ve got near to buying curtains for the lounge and put tiles up behind the new cooker. The old one had an eye-level grill and so the wall behind it was vaguely protected. The new cooker has an in-body grill and so splats from pans on the hob would wreck the paintwork. I’ve prempted this wreckage by putting white tiles up. Now to complete the disaster by attempting to grout between them!

*brand-new to her, that is. Apple stopped making these cards a while back and they’re getting increasingly rarer. They now make cards that play 802.11b and g but these don’t fit into older machines. Well done Mr Jobs!

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