Public thank-yous…

When Mood Music
2006-01-23 12:02:00 pleased Don’t You Grieve-Roy Harper-Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion

…. to the Customer Service person at the Dundee branch of Tiso’s.
The day-sack part of the rucsac my former colleagues had given me as a leaving present had come apart at a seam after a week or two of moderate use. The CS person gave me no shenannigans, just ‘here’s a replacement’.

Walking out of the store, my cellphone bleeped to say I had a voicemail at home. This voicemail was from the same CS person, about replacement filters for my water-bottle. I’d been told that they would order some from other branches but had been unable to do so. I walked back into the store and spoke to the CS person again. He told me that if I paid in advance and gave them a contact address, they’d order more from the manufacturers and post them to me, without charging for the postage. I like free delivery!

… to Jill Logan, practise nurse at Pipelands Road Health Centre, St Andrews
I phoned her just now to ask what I should now do to obtain anti-malarial drugs. I told her that other friends had said that Mefloquine caused them acute psychological problems and that they recommended avoiding it. Jill reminded me that Malarone is ‘fiendishly expensive’ and that Doxycycline can enhance photosensitivity. I really don’t want extra bills or increased chances of sunburn or to carry around 200 pills and at the moment I’m fairly stable from the neck up. Ms Logan was sympathetic to these issues, yet calm and clear. She offered write prescriptions for:

  • 2 weeks’ Mefloquine (so I can try it)
  • 7 months’ Mefloquine (for use if I get on with it)
  • 7 months’ Doxycycline (for use if I don’t get on with Mefloquine)

The beauty of this is that I only need pay for the anti-malarial I actually use. I am very grateful to Ms Logan for her professional attitude and suggestion.

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