cleaning up part 8

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2006-01-06 01:34:00 awake SIlver Machine-Hawkwind-Dad Rocks

First a bit of a moan… I use iJournal to write my entries (among other things) it picks up the current music better and facilitates linking to URLs and user-names. However it doesn’t (yet) support tags. So I have to then edit the entry in the clunky LJ-interface to add the tag. Boo hiss to using 2 apps to achieve 1 thing!

Today started fine – I was awake at 8.30 after a patchy sleep. I dragged my carcass out of the house to meet up with my bank. I’m finally in the position of being able to threaten to take my account elsewhere and am sorely tempted to move to Smile. Clydesdale treats mac-users as second-class citizens and has no support for Safari. Smile acknowledge that macs exist and tell the users what to do (this is not an invitation to my readership). Also, a friend confirms that their system works on smartphone browsers (at least on Blackberries) so I’m very tempted. Also, Smile has an ethical policy I can’t really fault and Clydesdale is owned by a bunch of Okkers. (‘Hey, Sheila, is Ethics that place where they grow olives and goats?’)

I get home about 11.30 and find that the JobSeeker forms I was meant to receive in the post haven’t arrived. I phone the Cupar office where I’m due to be interviewed and they tell me to simply arrive early to fill in a set of forms there. I see later in the 2-part interview that they laboriously enter my answers into a computer. I wonder why they don’t at least have the option letting me tick the boxes on-line myself. So much paper and time could be saved!

The first part of the interview is to decide the benefits to which I’m entitled. It appears I will get ‘contributions-based JobSeeker’s allowance’ but it won’t start until 8th February because I was paid a month’s notice (fair enough), was paid for 4 days holiday I didn’t get to take (seems a bit unfair to remove my pay for doing ‘extra’ work) and didn’t start the process of registering as unemployed until 4th January (definitely crap because the offices were closed until 4th anyway!) With contributions-based JobSeeker’s allowance comes the news that I don’t get any help with eye-tests or glasses so I hope my current prescription is still valid.

The next part of the interview is about the sort of work I’m seeking and how I’m going about this. I tell them about being in Fife only until 28th January at the latest, then moving back to Worcester and then going to India, so that my active seeking for work won’t really start until September 2006. I’m even more honest about what I would like to do – project management, the production side of publishing, (mac-based) IT for an ethical concern. This is genuine: I do enjoy throwing myself into projects, leading from the front and the production part of publishing. I don’t like the commercial aspects at all and I need to know that what I produce will demonstrably benefit others. I can’t see the challenge in production of novels – all the hard work is done by the author, the editor(s) and the proofreader. And I pride myself on knowing something about macs and IT in general, although I am a mere speck on the windshields of and Pete.

Back to St Andrews about 4.30 and book an eye-test for next Tuesday then shiver my way home. It’s winter in Scotland and it’s bloody cold!

My first task is to clean the kitchen walls. Fortunately the paint in here is OK, provided you like the virulent red. Then I mop the floor and that’s the kitchen finished apart from maybe resealing around the sink. I’m not sure whether I want to do this. The current seal is intact but it’s rather manky, so my choice is between ‘old but functional’ and ‘new but possibly non-functional’.

I then start sorting through some of the guddle in the lounge. In the hall I now have neat piles for

  • returning to if she wants any of it
  • returning to Ewan
  • returning to Will & Adriani
  • returning to Baz & Em
  • stashing in the loft here or posting home
  • dumping

In the bedroom are my two rucsacs and the pile of paperwork to sort through.

Tomorrow I’ll buy my tickets, then clean the lounge, sort the paperwork and take even more stuff to recycle, Oxfam or just dump!

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