cleaning up part 6

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2006-01-03 16:21:00 contemplative In the air tonight – Phil Collins

woke around 11 am after getting to sleep after 2am.

Finally dragged my carcase out around 1pm, carrying a rucsac containing my recycling, the TV cable so I could by the correct cable clips, a 10m ethernet cable that had hitched a ride and some oddments of medication that had leapt from my medicine cabinet into the rucsac.

The recycling centre in Argyle Street carpart had vanished but the one at the union was open. I dumped off paper, plastic, metal and random ancient bedsheets.

The ironmongers was closed so I meandered on to the hardware/DIY store. They didn’t have edging strip (and I’d forgotten to bring the sample anyway) but I bought:

  • 15 metres of co-axial TV cable (£6)
  • 2 white shower curtains (£15·99 each)
  • 2 tubes of bathroom silicone sealant (£6.99 each)
  • 2 packs of cable clips (£0·99 each)
  • rubber gloves (£2·49)
  • mould remover (£3·99)
  • superglue (£2.49)
  • 3m tape-measure (£2·49)
  • a cheap hammer (£4·99)

I wish I’d kept my tools here!

Next to Woolworths & Ponden Mill to price up up bedding. I ended up buying 2 pillows for £5.

(In the middle of all this, my brother called to remind me that we hadn’t got anything for my dad’s birthday tomorrow. That was sorted when I got home. No details yet except a public thank-you to Emily at Misco for friendly and efficient service.)

What’s next?

  • clean the mould from the bath seal.
  • if that fails, cut the old sealant away, use nasty chemical guck to remove the remnants, then re-seal.
  • reinstall the shampoo rack
  • install the shower curtain
  • seal the kitchen units to the walls (I used the guck to get rid of the old sealant yesterday evening.)
  • clean the kitchen cupboards
  • put the crockery and cooking gear back in the kitchen, creating an inventory as I go.

I feel another late night coming on!


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