proving the tardis theory

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2005-12-19 16:06:00 restless electrobank-The Chemical Brothers-Dig Your own hole

Yesterday, with a lot of help from David Collins, I packed most of my stuff into cardboard boxes, suitcases and the occasional bin-liner.

My brother arrived here about 10:30 in the evening and we chatted, ate curry and sorted how we would transfer stuff to the van.

Today, as usual, I woke far later than planned and phoned the van rental place to say that we would be pick up the van an hour later than originally booked. Their reply was ‘That’s a relief – it hasn’t arrived here from Edinburgh yet.’ I asked whether the driver could then just drop the van here, rather than taking it further north to Dundee and us having to go there to collect it. The van rental place said they’d arrange that and call me back 5 minutes later to confirm. 45 minutes later I called them to ask why they’d not called me and was told that the driver’s cellphone hadn’t worked so the van was just now leaving Dundee. 30 minutes later, they called again to ask where in St Andrews I was. I asked if the driver was circling St Andrews, looking for my flat and was told that the van hadn’t yet left. It eventually arrived around mid-day.

I won’t ask for any money back but if they try to charge extra for home delivery, well, no!

So far about half my stuff is in the van and there’s been very little drama. The worst was getting hit in the face by a piece of my desk as Ian and I disassembled it. I’ll try to get a photo of the inside of the packed van to show you all how materialist I really am.

Tomorrow we drive south via Catterick to pick up some of his stuff from his army base to take to Worcester. We then have until 5pm on Wednesday to unload the van and drop it off at the rental centre in Worcester.

Also my redundancy payment cheque has arrived. In no more than 5 working days I’ll have paid off the loan for the boiler, cleared my overdraft and said goodbye to credit card debt. Yeehah!

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