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2005-10-04 00:24:00 relieved electrobank-The Chemical Brothers-Dig Your own hole

It’s with a mixture of glee and nostalgia that I delete my “Treasurer of Community Council” email signature. I’m pleased to see the back of the work but sad that I didn’t get further towards streamlining procedures (such as producing my reports in html that the secretary won’t sneer at) and reducing the amount of time it takes to process a transaction:

  1. enter item in spreadsheet of all transactions
  2. enter item in spreadsheet of appropriate sub-account’s transactions
  3. check that the two new running totals match
  4. write cheque
  5. fill in manual transaction record
  6. if necessary, write covering letter and envelope
  7. get another signatory to counter-sign the cheque
  8. post the cheque
  9. file the paper documentation.

However, I have trained my Padme and am happy to pass my glowing and buzzing baton to her. However, I’m happy to continue to guide her in the ways of the market-Force for a while yet.

Also, that’s one more step on the road to leaving…

However, my financial duties aren’t quite over:

  1. I still have to chair the first meeting of a “what-are-we-going-to-do-with-our-obscene-amount-of-cash” committee.
  2. Until the new bank-account signatories can meet me at the bank to be vetted by them, I still have to sign the cheques prepared by my successor.
  3. I’m still treasurer and web-weaver for Fairtrade

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