Reunited and it feels so good?

When Mood Music
2005-09-14 16:03:00 mischievous Pigs (Three Different Ones)-Pink Floyd-Animals

At 945 last night Marianne and I were reunited. However, as with most SOB-stories, there’s a complication:

According to her umbilical, the wee one is called Latimer. Marianne is still in shock and can’t talk about who the other parent is. There are three possibilities:

  • me – but this is unlikely because our relationship was chaste and pure
  • parthenogensis – but who would be so cruel as to irradiate Marianne?
  • some low-life brum-ite porked my pig.

I’m not going to subject Marianne and Latimer to DNA tests but I know the unfortunate event must have happened while she was imprisoned at Central Rivers because Marianne was left on a Virgin train.

Now I have to get used to being a parent…


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