Random Bozo’s travel tribulations

When Mood Music
2005-06-26 22:48:00 apathetic Amused to Death-Roger Waters-Amused to Death

Blogged simply as examples of life’s rich travesty, and the amusing thought that bus tribulations, just like buses themselves, don’t occur for ages, then several occur at once.

  1. The air-conditioning failed on the bus taking and I to Glenrothes this afternoon. and fellow passengers travelling further on this route were transferred to another vehicle and went on their merry way.
  2. After visiting a friend in Glenrothes, I got back to Glenrothes bus station and found that the toilets had closed at 7·. I was in dire need of a toilet and by the time I’d found one and returned to the bus station, my bus to St Andrews had departed.
  3. An hour later, the next bus to St Andrews appeared to arrive. However, this bus’ fan-belt had broken en route from Dunfermline and so this bus was going no further. The driver contacted his depot to arrange a replacement bus. It arrived a few minutes later, allowing resumption of the journey without further delay…
  4. …until a ticket inspector boarded at Cupar, causing a few minute’s more delay as passengers scrabbled for their screwed-up, tossed-away tickets

Was this blog-entry really worth my time spent typing it or your time spent reading it?

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