It never rains but it pours shit all over the place

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2005-05-10 00:05:00 Tired and depressed

The boiler woes continue: I was due to receive an estimate on Saturday morning. It will now apparently reach me tomorrow morning. (OK, nothing has got worse but the chasing up pisses me off.)

I’ve had to grovel at my dad to buy mum’s birthday present cos I can&’t afford it this month and it needs booked now.

It also appears that my CD player has died – it doesn’t recognise home-birn or commercial CDs. Add that to the moribund amplifier and I have a musical financial lacuna too!

More stupidity at work: some things have arrived prematurely from suppliers. Also I’ve discovered that three more books have been printed incorrectly.

  • Two are fairly trivial: either the repro-house supplied to the printers a very old version of an advert for the inside-front covers or the printer ignored the new version and printed the oldest one.
  • One is more serious: this book used to be called Higher Biology Course Notes. However, it fitted better in our Revision Notes range and so we had a lovely new cover designed, and a new title page made up. Somewhere in the chain from repro-house to printer, the new title page was ignored and the old one printed. So the cover says Revision Notes and the title page says Course Notes.

Finally, the designer of most of our recent covers has pointed out that his basic files haven’t been properly handled in cover designs that were produced by a different designer. Whether this is due to lack of briefing by the major designer, mistakes by the minor designer or a stuff-up somewhere else is yet to be determined. Also, the mishandling is not immediately noticeable: you’d have to compare the affected covers with the unaffected ones to see there was a difference. However, it’s not perfection. it looks sloppy if you see it and so will need changed at the next reprint.

Finally, CC: uurrgghh, too much to do, all at once. No thanks to Fife Council’s asking for responses to 6 pieces of planning documentation all at once!

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