Today was so Dundonian I could drown in the Tay

When Mood Music
2005-05-04 20:58:00
  • our warehouse is playing silly buggers
  • I’ve had to check proofs until my eyes bleed
  • a printer told us they would deliver books on the 16th. They delivered today – the 4th
  • my hot-water boiler died – it will probably cost over £600 to resurrect or replace it
  • my InDesign course next week has been cancelled
  • CC makes it to the national press cos we didn’t award Honorary Citizenship to Jack Nicklaus
  • I have shitloads to do for normal CC duties

On the good side, my dad has an interview for a victim-support role tomorrow. He has skills and a lifetime of experience of working with people as a production engineer (half of which is setting up systems to be worked by people and seeing that they are safe and content with their roles).

Wishing him lots of luck.

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